Friday, May 10, 2013

PROAIM 1pc. AURA - 24 Power LED Light

AURA 24 by the numbers
2X more output-1/3 the price-50,000 hours-40w-60 degrees-100v-240v-6.75lbs

  • Superior light output, Outperforms all other brands.
  • Unit only draws 2.7Amp at full output and still gives blast of powerful 5600K Light
  • Full Brightness Control
  • On board dimmer control.
  • Circular beam with longer throw
  • Heat/Flicker/Ballast free
  • Can run on 15V DC Battery for hours
  • Convection Cooled ( No Fans).

The technical innovations in lighting equipment continue to match the sophistication of today's modern cameras. Some, like our PROAIM Aura go beyond the norm, providing DOP/operators tomorrow's illumination technology, today.

This light has a lens that focuses the angle of beam to 60 degree and so eliminates the need of barn doors.

Videos are for DEMONSTRATION purpose only

  • 1 pc of 24 power Led Lights
  • 1 set of 3pc gel filters
  • 1pc AC Adapter
  • 1pc Light Stand
  • 1pc Universal Adapter
  • Industry leading performance.
  • Ultra efficient engineering.
  • Long life PRO LED's.
  • Dimmer control built in
  • Low power consumption
  • Circular beam/long throw design
  • 5 hour + battery run time when equipped
  • 5500K color temperature
  • High Grade Aluminum construction - light weight for portability
  • 6.75 lbs total weight
  • gel pack for extended control . Mounting yoke
  • 100-240 VAC power adaptor
Hi-output-color clarity performance

1x PROAIM Aura-1x light stand-3 gel filters-power supply-universal a/c adaptor-transport/storage bags-our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Accepts optional V-mount and AB
Batteries for 5 + hours of shooting

Dimmer control-On-Off switch
Power supply 110/240V AC/DC


  • Medium Blue-Frost Clear-Amber Delight.
  • Vibrant, saturated Technicolor 'look'.
  • Enhanced aesthetics..
  • Easy fixture mount .
  • Durable long life.
  • Custom storage sleeve .

without gel filter

with "Frost Clear" gel filter

with "Amber Delight" gel filter

with "Medium Blue" gel filter

This listing is for 1 set of Proaim Aura, the second light is for demonstration purposes only

  • Fixture size 25cm x 14cm x 3.7cm.
  • Head weight 1.485kgs.
  • Power draw 2.7 amps.
  • Stand weight 1.6 kgs.
  • 1 riser stand with maximum height of 8'.
  • Operating temperature 0 to +70 degrees Celsius.

100-240v AC

Color Temperature
Without Gel Filter
With "Amber Delight" Gel Filter
With "Frost Clear" Gel Filter
With "Medium Blue" Gel Filter



Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles

  • LED Lights has 50,000 + hour life(Exclusive of Battery)
  • Cool Flicker Free operation
  • Low run time cost
  • Quality constructed from High Grade Aluminum
  • Light weight for portability
  • Cost efficient purchase price

Runs either on AC adapter or battery

EXCLUSIVE of battery

This listing is for 1 set of Proaim Aura, the second light is for demonstration purposes only

Wired Science Television Set

Wired Science Television Set

Hollywood, California, USA
PBS' newest weekly series, Wired Science, is a fast-paced television show that covers modern scientific and technological topics, spotlighting the newest innovations and research. Based at the KCET studio in Hollywood, CA, its own television set features cutting-edge LED lighting from Philips.

The show’s Production Designer John Ivo Gilles was charged to conceptualize a lighting scheme for the show’s main stage that would maintain the existing graphic direction of Wired magazine. Giles and his team of KCET’s engineers created six columns with vertical bands of colored light to mimic the spine of the magazine, which is a different color every month. Each column is illuminated by two ColorBlast® 12 LED light fixtures that are placed inside at opposing ends to produce uniform, colored lighting.

The ColorBlast 12 fixtures were chosen for their flexibility and small form factor. The one-square-foot (30.5 cm) columns restricted the use of conventional light sources because they could get very hot in such a confined space. “We could not have been successful without LED light fixtures,” said John Gilles. “We were very concerned about light sources making the metal columns hot to the touch, and we wanted to create a slowly-changing, colorful effect. Philips’ LED systems provided the easy solution to meet all of our needs.” In addition, no special rigging was required due to the easy-to-install base mounts on the fixtures. Other Philips LED fixtures can be found throughout the set including iColor Cove® QL, a low-profile linear light that illuminates the risers of the steps on the set. Both the iColor Cove QL and ColorBlast 12 fixtures integrated easily with the show’s existing control solution, allowing Gilles to benefit from the latest advances in LED lighting technology, while using the control solution that was already in place.

Gilles and the Wired Science crew are “tickled pink” with the effects that are created by the Philips LED-based light fixtures, and more fittingly, perhaps pink will debut as the next episode’s column color.

NEWS - Prima fabrica de decoruri teatrale din Romania

Prima fabrica de decoruri teatrale din Romania si-a deschis portile, la Timisoara. Motiv de bucurie atat pentru regizorii si actorii de acolo, cat si pentru cei din restul tarii. Decorurile fabricate in orasul de pe Bega vor ajunge in teatrele din toata tara.